Bug with Remote Raid Passes in Hoenn Tour Global event on Pokémon Go

Trainers participating in the Hoenn Tour Global event and raiding in Pokemon Go have reported that a glitch with Remote Raid Passes prevented them from continuing the raid once their group became incapacitated. The Hoenn Tour Global event in Pokemon Go is now live, which means that trainers from all over the world can finally battle Primal Groudon and Kyogre for themselves.

Several of the trainers entered the competition with apprehension because the previous Hoenn Tour stop in Las Vegas was marred by problems that stopped some attendees from getting the most out of their experience there. It appears that trainers have begun to experience a glitch with Remote Raid Passes that, when a party member faints, causes the other members of the party to be kicked out of the raid and prevents them from joining the attack again.

Bug with the Hoenn Tour Remote Raid Pass in Pokémon Go

After a warning was issued on the Niantic Support Twitter account to players about a visual mistake with the event, multiple trainers have taken to social media to report the issue. The trainers started talking about their previous encounters with the issue as soon as the Global Tour event got underway. “Earlier today I was participating in an early Groudon raid utilizing a remote pass. Unfortunately, all of my Pokemon fainted, so I wanted to resume the battle; however, the game threw me out of the battle…”

It would appear that being expelled from the raid used up their Remote Raid Pass, stopped them from finishing the attack, and prevented them from capturing the Primal Groudon. Sadly, a number of other trainers also reported experiencing the same problems.

“I was raiding with a remote pass on the primal event, however after my team died, the game threw me out of the raid and left a notice saying ‘raid ID not found.'” “I was raiding with a small pass on the first event. It used up my small pass; if it’s impossible to get it back, please let me know.

It appears that this problem manifested itself if the trainer’s entire party was knocked unconscious, which, given the severity of the Primal Raids, is not an extremely rare occurrence. We can only hope that Niantic will provide some form of compensation to the trainers whose work was disrupted by this bug.

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