Player’s 20-Year-Old Mural Transforms into a Pokemon Go Pokestop

A Pokemon Go participant discovered that a mural they had painted over two decades earlier had been incorporated into the game as an official Pokestop.

Pokestops in Pokemon Go can be found at various locations, including historic landmarks, works of art, petrol stations sponsored by game developers, and even atrocities. As a result of this, a significant number of players frequently participate in online discussion forums to discuss their preferred stops.

Players have reported seeing gruesome portrayals of Pikachu. Monuments stripped naked with photographs shot at odd angles, and museums packed to the gills with Pokestops. However, one user just recently found out that they were the developer of a local Pokestop but that they had constructed the featured spot long before Niantic even had the idea for Pokemon Go in their head.

A player of Pokemon Go devised the Pokestop about two decades ago

Reddit user Dstareternl is credited with making the discovery. Dstareternl contributed to the r/pokemongo subreddit by posting a screenshot of the Pokestop “La Grange Alley Art.” The caption stated, “Over twenty years ago, in high school, I produced a painting for my community, and it’s still there, and it’s a Pokestop!”

Several people congratulated the poster on having “made it” in their careers in the comments section below the post. At the same time, others expressed gratitude to the user. “I live here! I am grateful that you have shared this history with me.” One person made a comment, which was followed by responses from other people living in the area asking to meet up and trade. One user commented, “Didn’t think to see my hometown on Reddit today, but here is it.” 

Surprisingly, several trainers were still determining which state the mural was located; moreover, some of these trainers resided in or near a La Grange that did not contain this artwork. Because the artwork is situated in La Grange, Illinois, players from the states of Texas, Kentucky, Georgia, and North Carolina were bewildered.

It’s great to know that some Pokestops were made by our own hands that are now used to throw virtual balls at augmented-reality creatures. While many historical or artistic Pokestops were established before Pokemon Go – and sometimes the entire franchise – it was created, it’s also nice to know that hands made some Pokestops.

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