Revitalizing Pokemon Go: A Player’s 7-Year Effort to Increase Pokestops in their Community

Players of Pokemon Go commended one trainer after he demonstrated significant advancements made over seven years to add more Pokestops to their neighborhood.

Pokestops, which give players the chance to acquire important resources like merchandise, Pokemon Eggs, and wild Pokemon, are crucial to the whole experience of the game, as those who have played Pokemon Go are aware. Unfortunately, some players don’t have much luck using the Pokestops nearby. This is particularly true if they live in distant areas without many notable landmarks or large populations of other people.

As a result, after a particular player showed how they had carefully and tirelessly worked over the course of seven years to improve the quality of the Pokestops in their nearby area, members of the Pokemon Go community praised them.

A Long-Time Pokemon Go Player Contributes Neighboring Pokestops

AMindJoke compared their neighborhood in 2016, the year Pokemon Go was first released, to their area in 2023 and shared their findings on Twitter. The tweet received attention from locals.

The region has several distinctive Pokestops in 2016 that were scattered across a wide area, from quite a ways to all the way across it. Photos collected in 2023 revealed a substantially more crowded area with a large number of Pokestops and gyms positioned near one another.

The tweet’s author, a player of Pokemon Go, added the comment “Dedication>Luck,” which suggested that they had submitted a sizable number of these Pokestops themselves. The athlete acknowledged that this is true in the responses.

Trainers can suggest their own potential Pokestop sites and request that the game’s designers have a look at them. The user-submitted location will be included in the game and count as an official Pokestop location if it is reviewed and approved.

As well as sharing their Pokestop experiences, some fans also commented on how their cities had evolved over time. “…During that section, our community sprang to life. The Pandemic put an end to all non-hardcore player activity, but now that everything is restarting, there wouldn’t be a reason to leave during CD, RD, etc. without such POIs.

Although the procedure for proposing a Pokestop may seem slow and onerous to some, it is blatantly obvious that a sizable number of players see it as absolutely necessary to keep the game alive in their individual communities.

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