Soldier 76 Transforms into One Punch Man Icon in Overwatch 2

When the One Punch Man collaboration for Overwatch 2 was announced, only Doomfist was shown off in his One Punch Man suit. At this point, the second skin connected to the crossover event has been revealed to the public.

The One Punch Man collaboration was announced alongside the release of a Doomfist skin based on Saitama, the protagonist of One Punch Man. Because of this, a much larger number of recurring characters from the series are now available to have skins based on them.

In Overwatch 2, fan-favorite characters like Fubuki, Tatsumaki, and Genos are all potential contenders for their own skins, and the game makers are contemplating whether or not to include all of them. However, after it was reported that One Punch Man would be cooperating with another franchise, the first announcement that took place was of Mumen Rider.

Soldier 76 will transform an outfit resembling the C-class hero who rides a bike just before the unveiling of the second skin. Soldier dons the armor of Mumen Rider while still retaining his signature visor when using this skin. Mumen Rider is a character from the game.

Soldier 76 receives Mumen Rider skin in Overwatch 2

It is safe to assume that Mumen Rider is not one of the most formidable characters in the One Punch Man series. A generally low-power C-class hero introduced early on in the plot, he is fearless in confronting major villains even though they are far more potent than he is. He does this even though he knows he will lose. He is also the type who isn’t afraid to go head-to-head with formidable bad guys.

When he joins the lineup for Overwatch 2, Soldier 76 will bring his unrelenting resolve and undying allegiance with him. Even though he is dressed in the plate armor of Mumen Rider and a bright green cycle helmet, it is still relatively simple to identify this man as Soldier 76 because he is wearing a visor.

This information was made public when it was announced that any player who logged in before February 14 would receive five free tiers of the Battle Pass. Additionally, it was disclosed at the same time that it was announced that the Mumen Rider OPM skin would be obtainable in-game on March 7.

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