Cops Making Out: A Fan Favorite Pokestop in Pokemon Go

One of the players of Pokemon Go revealed that their preferred Pokestop is a piece of public art that shows two officers competing in a game of tongue wrestling.

Pokestops are essential to the gameplay of Pokemon Go because they are the primary locations for players to acquire items such as Pokeballs, Berries, Quests, and more. They also indicate the places in a town or city where the most significant number of Pokemon will spawn.

In addition, Niantic has enabled higher-level trainers to propose their Pokestops for the company’s consideration in recent years. Fellow players have authorized a flood of amusing Pokestops, resulting in the sharing of some excellent content on the internet. Players frequently share such discoveries on online communities like Reddit and Twitter, where they may post pictures of offensive monuments, gruesome Pikachu rides, or even their original works of art.

Fans love the Pokestop Cops Making Out

A mural showing two British police officers embracing each other and kissing was featured in a reasonably amusing Pokestop that was shared on the r/pokemongo subreddit. Even though it is not the original artwork, the Pokestop is a colored interpretation of Banksy’s well-known Kissing Coppers stencil.

Vandelay420 is responsible for posting this Pokestop, which goes by the name “Cops Making Out.” Afterward, the user approached their fellow trainers and inquired about their preferred Pokestops.

The comments, on the other hand, did not fail to amaze us with their many ridiculous stops and gyms. One user uploaded a picture of a Simpsons-inspired artwork that was given the name “Home Dream About Cheese Mural” inside a gym. The mural depicts a scene from the show.

Another user retorted, “Spock Jesus,” and provided a link to an additional artwork that combined the figure of Jesus Christ, the Christian Lord, and Savior, with the character of Spock, a space traveler from Star Trek.

However, there were also many comments from fans expressing their admiration for the Pokestop titled “Cops Making Out.” One of the users left a statement saying, “I want to buddy you solely for access to this Pokéstop.” Another person said, “I adore this stop, and because it is so conveniently located near my dental office, I make it a point to get something from here whenever possible.”

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