Ninja Defends Fortnite: Age Should Not Determine Appropriate Video Games

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, the legendary Twitch streamer known for his domination of the platform and his love of Fortnite, has recently defended his decision to continue playing the game in 2023. Despite some viewers suggesting that it is a “kid’s game”, Ninja passionately argues that it is a game enjoyed by players of all ages.

Ninja and Fortnite’s spectacular ascension will be remembered in gaming lore. Ninja is still by far the most popular Twitch streamer, having excelled in everything from Halo esports to dominating the platform alongside Drake.

Despite a decline in viewership and player numbers during its heyday in 2018 and 2019, Fortnite still draws hundreds of thousands of viewers on Twitch. That holds true particularly when creators like Ninja return to the scene.

Ninja also pointed out that other popular titles, such as Minecraft, have a wide age range of players. He humorously parodied children’s voices and joked that other games are more “manly”, but ultimately emphasized that it doesn’t matter what game you play as long as you are enjoying yourself. Ninja’s comments highlight the inclusivity of the gaming community and the fact that age should not be a barrier to enjoying video games.

Ninja Streamer

Ninja Dismisses Viewers, Saying Fortnite is “for kids”

In a recent livestream, a fan referred to Fortnite as a “kid’s game,” prompting the 31-year-old to respond in a passionate and strong manner.

He declared, “This is not a kid’s game.” “This mister is engaging in this game. There are numerous them. Simply because children play it — consider Minecraft. Now the game is being played by so many elderly individuals. What kind of game are kids playing? Island of Hello Kitty.

Three years ago, this game wasn’t just for kids, he continued. When Dr. Disrespect, Tim, NICKMERCS, and CDNtheThird were playing it, it wasn’t a kid’s game; instead, it was Fortnite, one of the greatest video games ever created.

Ninja began to mock children’s voices as his humor grew and he made jokes about other titles being more “manly.”

What, because CoD released an actually nice game for once? he asked in response. I engage in Warzone. We are playing video games, and I am playing a man’s game. It is irrelevant. You’re simply playing games, man.

Fortnite, with its colorful and less violent aesthetic, appeals to younger players, but it is clear that it also attracts a diverse audience of all ages. Ninja defends the game, stating that age should not determine what video games are considered “appropriate” to play.

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