Roadhog’s Upcoming Nerfs in Overwatch 2: Explained by the Developers

In the latest Overwatch 2 patch, fans were disappointed to learn that Roadhog, a hero known for his ability to one-shot squishy targets, did not receive any changes. Game Director Aaron Keller shared on Twitter that the scheduled changes for Roadhog are planned for mid to late January, despite originally being teased for the December patch. 

Technical issues caused the improvements to be delayed, according to lead hero designer Alec Dawson. It’s unclear how these impending nerfs will impact Roadhog’s suitability as a hero.

Although a “soft redesign” for Roadhog is still in the works, his absence from the Battle for Olympus update on January 5 surprised many. Aaron Keller, the game director, claims that even though the Roadhog adjustments were promised for December, the most recent patch appears to be very minor because many of its anticipated changes have already been implemented.

Why Roadhog Wasn’t Nerfed in OW2 Update 

Keller confirmed some of the adjustments, like the Ana bonuses, had been made in the December patch in a post on Twitter. A reminder that the planned adjustments to Roadhog are not included in today’s patch and are planned for mid to late January was also provided by the game director to fans.

However, as several users have noted, Keller previously stated that Roadhog nerfs were planned for the December patch.

Lead Hero Designer Alec Dawson said on Twitch hours before the December update went live that the devs first postponed the Hog modifications because of certain technical issues with their implementation.

Regardless, it appears that we can anticipate some eagerly anticipated Roadhog nerfs later this month, barring any unforeseen issues.

Despite the lack of Roadhog nerfs in the recent Overwatch 2 patch, fans can expect to see some changes to the hero in the near future. These adjustments, which were originally intended for the December patch, were delayed due to technical difficulties. It is uncertain how these nerfs will impact Roadhog’s role in the game, but they are expected to be implemented in the mid-season patch later this month.

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