Fortnite Players Debate the Most Useless In-Game Items on Reddit

There’s been a debate and discussion on which game goods in the well-known battle royale Fortnite are the most useless. Despite the fact that many things have already been mentioned, a few in particular have already stood out as being among the most worthless.

The discussion has been going on Reddit, a well-known social media site. What Fortnite item is the most pointless ever? I’ll go first,” said the user going by the handle myMcLarenP1, who posted a picture of The Cash.

The user known only as Duckyboi10 replied, “I recall The Cash being there.” “But besides being there, what else did it do? An additional user who goes by PMMeUnwantedGiftCard responded, saying that the feature “did absolutely nothing, it was just there to make you feel like you were playing Borderlands since the Rift Zone regenerated shields, had everyone a cell shaded result, and opening anything made cash come out just like in the games.”

Fortnite Players Weigh In on Useless In-Game Items, Including Booted Cars

The other responses to this urgent inquiry have landed on some predictable things, including booted cars. The user going under the name JRocFuhsYoBih wrote, “I cursed Epic as I smiled every time I got bamboozled by the boot.”. User known as PatriarchalTaxi stated “it’s so that the game looks like it has more vehicles than it actually has. I thought it was a funny addition to the game.” In essence, not every vehicle is functional. Some are merely an element of the landscape. Having said that, I believe it would be fantastic if a later update came with a clamp key that let you free a stuck car.

This follows the announcement that Kai Cenat will host his own competition. The streamer noted that the competition is “going to be fire though, it’s going to be fire” and that “Fortnite is letting us to run our own tournament when they told me ‘yo, you want this tournament with me?’ All right, cool, fire.”

On Reddit, Fortnite users have generated a spirited discussion about the game’s most pointless commodities. The Cash and booted vehicles have drawn the most attention. Some gamers have even suggested that in a future update, a clamp key be included to free clamped vehicles. The debate started after streamer Kai Cenat revealed his own Fortnite competition.

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