NICKMERCS’ Failed Proximity Chat Trick in Warzone 2

NICKMERCS was unsuccessful in his attempt to deceive an opponent in Warzone 2 by using proximity chat because he misjudged the generosity of some Call of Duty players. The addition of proximity chat in Warzone 2 proved to be very successful. Thanks to this feature, players can talk to their foes while in close proximity to them. Community members have been using the new mechanism to engage in role-playing and trash-talking.

Some players even took their inventiveness one step further by collaborating on flash dances or disabling their adversaries’ consoles. The update for Season 2 made it a little more challenging to hear enemies, but the function is still a lot of fun to use, even though it was slightly nerfed. NICKMERCS gave it his best at outwitting an opponent by employing the feature, but he was ultimately unsuccessful.

The NICKMERCS technique does not work on the honest Warzone 2 player

NICKMERCS attempted to trick a player into believing his controller was broken in a video uploaded to TikTok and headlined “the Call of Duty community is changing.”

Nicholas remarked, “I don’t know if my controller is just broken or what. It is preventing me from shooting. I’m having trouble pulling the right trigger.” The adversary gave a response along the lines of, “that’s a difficult problem to have. I’ll avoid you then. “Regrettably, Nick understood his failed aim and said, “I appreciate you, bro.”

@nickmercs The CoD community is changing 😂 #warzone #warzone2 #callofduty #cod #fyp ♬ original sound – NICKMERCS

Nick couldn’t believe the ruse didn’t work, so he chuckled and stated, “It didn’t work. There’s no way he was that polite.” Nick was unable to believe the man was so charitable. One guy responded: “bro does not want to watch the world burn; he wants it to blossom.”

A second player said, “I know it’s a trap whenever I hear someone mention that their batteries are dead or that they’ve run out of plates and armor .”Players made light of the fact that the game’s toxic players had left by joking that they had moved on to Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play or Apex TDM. It’s refreshing to witness a more positive attitude from time to time in a game that typically consists of participants making fun of one another or yelling at their opponents.

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