NICKMERCS Explains Warzone 2 is Better Than He Thought

After a few days of playing Warzone 2 for the first time, NICKMERCS was pleasantly delighted despite having some reservations. Although NICKMERCS and his ALGS Team, Tripods, were unable to get past the first round of the Split 1 playoffs, the downtime allowed him to rediscover his love for Call of Duty.

Since ALGS Split 2 won’t start until January, NICKMERKS will have plenty of time to see Al Mazrah with companions. Although Warzone 2 was released in November, Nick was unable to play it because to his commitments in Apex. Nick was trying to re-learn the rules of Warzone a few months too late, and TimTheTatman didn’t hold back in roasting him.

NICKMERCS provided his initial thoughts on Warzone 2 after playing the game for a few days and looking more like himself. Some fans might be surprised by Nick’s position after a spate of conflicting evaluations.

NICKMERCS Discusses His Initial Thoughts on Warzone 2

In his most recent YouTube video, NICKMERC discussed his thoughts on Warzone 2. The game itself is fairly enjoyable, however these bots and the backpack loot system were introduced. The main game and user interface actually feel pretty excellent. The introduction of AI adversaries is one of his main worries. “I can’t tell if I’m up against a human opponent half the time. I fail to see how it is not a problem.

Nick also had trouble adjusting to the increased TTK speed in Warzone 2 and adding backpacks. “The TTK was incredibly swift. When you blink, you pass away. Backpacks bother me; I think they’re foolish. It’s kind of like PUBG or H1Z1 in that regard. Although he listed a few issues, he was impressed by the game’s movement and gunfights. As long as he enjoys the game, Nick stated he will keep streaming Warzone 2 through January and parts of February.

In conclusion, NICKMERCS had a positive experience playing Warzone 2 despite some initial reservations about the game’s AI adversaries and the swift TTK speed. He enjoyed the movement, gunfights, and atmosphere of Al Mazrah. He plans to continue streaming the game through January and parts of February.

However, once ALGS Split 2 approaches, NICKMERCS will be focusing on playing Apex Legends and will not return to streaming Warzone on a full-time basis.

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