Defending Apex Legends’ TDM Mode: Players Blame Negative Community Attitude for Issues

The introduction of TDM, Apex Legends’ newest game mode, has yet to go smoothly. Several gamers, though, are standing by the mod’s creators and asserting that the “community with a negative attitude” is to blame for many of the mod’s problems. One of the most played video games in the world, Apex Legends has dominated the Steam charts for the past few years. Also, it continues to shatter previous records for player count. The battle royale feature is particularly well-liked, but its other modes have yet to perform as well.

TDM’s inclusion in Apex Legends has not been without its share of problems. It was intended to take the role of Arenas as a casual game mode for those who didn’t want to wait in line for the traditional BR mode. However, a sizable chunk of the Apex Legends community has defended the creators and stated that the mode would be OK if players didn’t abandon matches and cause issues.

Players of Apex Legends defend the developers amid the TDM issue

Conceptually, Team Deathmatch is a straightforward mode. Players compete in a 6v6 match, with the first team winning a predetermined number of kills. Gamers have started quitting games early, making completing a game in the mode challenging.

Players were becoming stuck in games they couldn’t finish since there was no one on the opposing team because there were no penalties for leaving matches, and the mode couldn’t insert new players into ongoing battles. Players have repeatedly requested fixes for these problems in the days after the start of Season 16. However, a different segment of the community asserts that these issues are only present because players are abandoning games in the first place.

The mode functions flawlessly when all six players are logged into the game. TDM was changed from having three rounds to only having one, which was well-received by the community. However, it was never broken when players stayed in lobbies and finished the game.

Reddit users highlighted how occasionally “toxic” the community might be and expressed sympathy for Respawn developers attempting to determine what would appeal to the player base. It is still being determined whether Team Deathmatch will last because it has only recently gone live. No matter what tweaks are made to the mode, many players tend to think that the player base is a significant factor in why new game modes last only a short time.

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