New Overwatch 2 Skins Hint at Potential PvE Mission in the Works

A pair of new Overwatch 2 skins could be teasing gamers in anticipation of a PvE story on the horizon. Players believe Blizzard is secretly prepping them for one of the future missions available in Overwatch 2’s PvE mode, which has yet to be released but is still scheduled to arrive later this year.

There is not much information available at this time on the Overwatch 2 PvE campaign; nevertheless, the developers have disclosed that they intend to release it gradually, and they may slowly but surely prepare players through in-game materials.

Players have found that a pair of Legendary skins with the names “Polar Tracer” and “Polar Sojourn” is listed as future products coming to the Shop. Users suspect that these skins could be associated with a PvE task.

Are these Overwatch 2 skins dropping hints about a potential PvE mission?

The Tracer and Sojourn skins were hinted at the back in 2022, but they have just been included in the game. Earlier, Reinhardt, Mercy, and Baptiste were each shown in their respective “Polar” clothing in what seems to be an early view of the Antarctic Peninsula map that was just revealed for Season 3. The map focuses on the Antarctic Peninsula.

Because the Archives event is often held in April, fans on Twitter began to speculate that Blizzard could be utilizing these skins to drum up a future PvE mode. This is especially true considering that the Archives event regularly takes place in April. The initial version of Overwatch had three unique Archive events, each of which comprised a set of story missions that provided players with their first opportunity to participate in PvE-style action.

“Is it possible that these are skins for the upcoming Archives event PvE?” Considering that Archives is just around the corner! One ecstatic supporter commented, “I know these skins were revealed a while ago. However, most of the skins that get placed into the gallery are obtainable in the near future.”

“Will there be an upcoming expedition to the Antarctic? What is Season 4? another was thinking about it. Someone else asked, “Are these the official skins used in the narrative mode for when the characters plummet into the arctic?”

We will need to find out what the devs have planned for these cosmetics and whether or not they wind up leading to the first OW2 campaign mission in order to proceed with this matter. Interestingly, these rumors surfaced after Overwatch 2 Executive Producer Jared Neuss hinted that a content roadmap would be released shortly.

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