KFC Double Down Sandwich Offers Access to Diablo 4 Beta Starting March 17th

KFC, the fast food restaurant company, will give access to the Diablo 4 beta to customers who purchase a Double Down sandwich. The beta will begin on March 17. Later this month, Blizzard Entertainment intends to run not one but two betas to prepare players for the long-awaited release of Diablo 4.

The first of these sessions will be an early access beta that will run from Friday, March 17, through Sunday, March 19, and begin on that date. While this is happening, the open beta test will occur from Friday, March 24, through Sunday, March 26.

All that is required of Diablo players who wish to participate in the early access session is that they pre-order the game. In an exciting twist, placing an order from the KFC menu can also act as an additional means of obtaining an early access ticket.

How to gain access to the early beta test for Diablo 4 through the purchase of KFC

Fans of Diablo will want to take advantage of the opportunity that KFC has announced because it is so irresistibly delicious. Customers who buy a Double Down sandwich from KFC will immediately be eligible to get early access beta code giveaways beginning today, March 9. (This is the sandwich that replaces the bread with two pieces of fried chicken; it is notable in that regard.)

Customers must order the Double Down using the KFC app or the official website of the restaurant in order to obtain a code.

The partnership between Blizzard and KFC for the upcoming game Diablo 4 makes for an odd beta-related pairing, but it is not the first time the developer has worked with a fast-food restaurant on one of its video games.

For instance, just a few months ago, Burger King Japan held a promotion for Diablo 4 and dubbed one of their Double Whoppers after the character Lilith. The Lilith Hot Tomato Double Whopper consisted of a double-meat burger topped with cheese and a spicy tomato sauce. It was served in a double-whopper bun. Because of Blizzard’s connection with KFC, chicken fans can now participate in a promotion centered on Diablo.

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