DecaPolice: Everything We Know So Far, Including Gameplay and Platform Trailer

Level-5 is the company behind the new RPG DecaPolice. This is all we currently know about the game, including information about its official trailer, release date, and platform. The creators of the iconic Professor Layton and Ni No Kuni video games, the legendary Japanese studio Level-5, have been somewhat silent lately. Still, the most recent Nintendo Direct has officially confirmed their return with a number of announcements, including the interesting new IP DecaPolice.

DecaPolice, an online role-playing game dubbed “criminal suspense,” seems to be a fast-paced adventure where players assume the role of investigators in a lively virtual setting. This is everything we currently know about the new game, including information on its gameplay and the official trailer.

Is DecaPolice scheduled for release?

Although the Nintendo Direct presentation does indicate a 2023 release window, there still needs to be a definite release date for DecaPolice. Thus we may anticipate it to appear this year. We will update this page once the official release date becomes public.

DecaPolice platform trailer

At the most recent Nintendo Direct, the reveal video for DecaPolice made its premiere, giving fans of Level-5 a glimpse of the game’s vibrant, anime-inspired aesthetics and crime-solving premise. In the video, Decasim, a virtual reality version, shows several people entering it and receiving their investigative training. The game’s PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch versions are confirmed.

The complete trailer is available below:

During its Level-5 Vision event on March 9, 2023, the DecaPolice developer Level-5 revealed two different trailers. In a 3-minute teaser, the first trailer provided some context for the game’s plot and setting. Broadstone, the setting for the game, is introduced in the teaser. “A city of aspirations and opportunity” is how they describe it. Also, underneath its polished exterior, the city is a haven for criminal activity where “the underworld reigns rampant.”

In addition, the trailer introduces us to Harvard Marks, a rookie investigator and the main protagonist. He is given a position with the Special Investigations Unit of the Broadstone Police Center, where he uses the specialized training simulator Decasim to develop his sleuthing abilities.

Also mentioned are Carl Oxford, Zhang Tsinghua, Manimani Manoa, and Mikey Princeton, Harvard Marks’ colleagues at the SIU. According to reports, each character will have special skills that will enable them to solve a variety of crimes throughout the game. The following trailer highlights the gameplay of DecaPolice, providing a much clearer understanding of how exploration and turn-based fighting work.

Gameplay information

DecaPolice Gameplay

The recently released gameplay trailer indicates that there are two critical parts to the entire gameplay. Players will take part in investigations by examining crime scenes and gathering evidence while navigating the virtual Decasim in the third person.

Finally, the game will enter its turn-based JRPG phase called Tactical Operations once players have solved a case’s enigma and cornered a criminal. Also, Harvard Marks and his allies will engage in turn-based combat here in an effort to catch the offender. In order to capture criminals, as in any good JRPG, players will need to use a range of the skills at their disposal to defeat them in combat.

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