New Glitch Found with Grand Overture Exotic in Destiny 2 Raid Race

Players who used the exotic machine gun Grand Overture in Destiny 2’s raid race for “The Root of Nightmares” may have encountered a new glitch.

The Root of Nightmares, a raid by Lightfall, will be available to Destiny 2 players on March 10, 2023. Players have been preparing and researching the finest load-outs to bring with them as the raid race gets closer. In Destiny 2, raid races have always been a thrilling event that brings the community and fans together to watch the finest teams take on whatever challenges Bungie has set before them.

The prizes Bungie awards to the squad that completes the raid the quickest are in keeping with the historic occasion. This indicates that competitors are vying for the World’s First title and the exclusive belt that comes with victory. However, the numerous problems that have been found since Lightfall’s debut could jeopardize the World’s First race for The Root of Nightmares. In various instances, these problems have included the new Lightfall exotics and the new Strand subclass. The Grand Overture, an older exotic, is featured in the latest bug.

Grand Overture: A Powerful Defense Weapon in Destiny 2

Grand Overture is an excellent weapon for defending yourself against strong opponents because its catalyst enables it to blind adversaries with its missile explosions. Gamers have found that while utilizing the exotic with another weapon with an “Explosive/Timed Payload,” all payload effects blind foes.

This is a powerful impact because blinding an enemy effectively prevents them from firing their weapon. Blinding effects are, therefore, often rare and typically require an exotic or an ability to trigger, but with the bug active, even primary weapons are capable of blinding.

Because Contest Mode would give the adversaries bonus guardian resistances while simultaneously making them more deadly, this flaw could easily imperil the World’s First Race. In a situation like this, having a blinding effect on hand at all times could reduce the challenge of the interactions and detract from the positive first-day experience.

As of this writing, Bungie has not disabled Grand Overture. Thus all players can still make use of the issue. As they have already done for other problematic exotics like Winterbite, it is probable that the Destiny devs will attempt to disable the exotic in the following hours.

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