Best Landing Sports In Fortnite Latest Chapter

Chapter 4 of Fortnite has brought some exciting changes to the map, places worth exploring that call for exploration. But before achieving victory royale status, you and your squad must consider where they land. Landing in spots offering maximum rewards with minimal risk is critical. Our advice for those searching for their victorious moment in Chapter 4 is to head toward the best locations available.

Selecting where to drop from the battle bus is a critical decision that can influence how successful or unsuccessful a match will be. Each squad and playstyle has distinct preferences, so picking the right spot sets a standard for good or bad matches. Here are the best landing spots fortnite in Chapter 4. Read on to discover more about them and start your next game with success!

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The Citadel

The Citadel is a central and highly sought-after POI this season in Chapter 4 of Fortnite. This formidable castle is located on elevated ground, so it’s easy to understand why players want to take control. Keep in mind, though–since the Citadel is one of the best landing spots with top-notch loot, you should be prepared for contests with other players that have been landed at the exact location. The bridge can become incredibly crowded! The Citadel should be noticed for those seeking an optimum drop spot.

Faulty Splits

If you’re looking for a combination of medieval structures and urban shopping districts, Faulty Splits will be your best bet. Boasting over fifty chests with floor loot scattered around, it provides ample opportunities to get geared up. 

In addition, being spread out all across the town makes it perfect for squads who wish to land and take control of particular areas or buildings quickly—but keep in mind that if your team does choose this location, don’t expect all the loot to be waiting in one house. Instead, checking out the main grocery store should give you access to plenty of goodies!

Anvil Square

Anvil Square stands out among the other medieval towns of Chapter 4 for various reasons. With buildings packed closely together, it provides ample cover and positioning opportunities for a defensive stance. Plus, its central location on the map guarantees you have time to search for supplies before shifting gears into battle mode when necessary. 

Anvil Square caters to the needs of any player—from the cautious looter to the aggressive fighter—making it an intelligent place to drop in for an optimal gameplay experience.

Frenzy Fields

Frenzy Fields will look incredibly familiar for players who were around during Fortnite’s Chapter 2—it is essentially an exact duplicate of Chapter Two’s Frenzy Farms. Since its spiritual predecessor was so popular, Frenzy Fields has quickly become one the most sought-after landing spots of desired loot in Chapter 4. 

The location offers a plentiful variety of supplies, floor loot, and dirt bikes, among other resources. There are also two Weapon-o-matics and an upgrade bench ready to be used. This is a great place to take risks for high rewards: it’s worth the potential danger!

Lonely Labs

In Chapter 4, Lonely Labs occupies a prime location in the top right corner and is our recommended landing spot for teams. At first glance, it may not look like much; however, Lonely Labs will often give you an edge with its relatively low traffic rate. If you’re playing solo, there’ll usually be only one or two other players. 

Though it’s somewhat isolated and requires a quick gathering of supplies and haste to the first storm circle, plenty of different places are nearby to cover your journey. You can also catch opponents by surprise who think they’ve found a safe spot on the edge of the circle!


Fortnite chapter 4 offers many opportunities for landing sports, but the best ones tend to be near high-traffic areas or objects that provide cover. In the latest chapter of the game, several best landing spots fortnite have been added – so be sure to explore them all and find which ones work best for you!

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