Destiny 2’s Winterbite Exotic Banned Before World’s First Raid Due to Unintentional Damage

Players of Destiny 2 Lightfall have found a flaw that makes a new exotic do a ton of accidental damage, forcing Bungie to ban it before the first raid race in the world. In comparison to the Witch Queen’s premiere, Lightfall has been a challenge for Destiny 2. Players have felt let down by the campaign’s reception. The “Root of Nightmares” raid is still in the works, which is good news for the players because they have something to look forward to.

Players are just starting to experiment with the new exotics that Lightfall released along with the new raid. This and the brand-new Strand subtype have led to some quite unusual interactions that encourage imaginative play. Yet one of the latest exotics, Winterbite, has recently caused quite a stir because of a specific problem. The Exotic Stasis Glaive Winterbite is located in the Heavy slot. It can shoot a ball of Stasis energy that tracks and freezes surrounding opponents because of its unusual ability. In Destiny 2, glaives are typically regarded as something other than the best weapons. Winterbite is emerging as a sizable exception to the rule, though.

When firing at foes, it looks that Winterbite can activate the Stasis keyword Shatter, which happens when an enemy is frozen and then released from it. The glaive, however, causes absurdly large amounts of damage when used by numerous players on the same fire team, effectively enabling it to one-shot most monsters.

According to player theory, Shatter is thought to propagate eternally as the stasis orbs pass through the boss. Every opponent it comes into contact with is utterly melted. Testing has revealed that this is obviously hazardous and can be repeated frequently. Bungie is concerned about the reliability of the weapon as a result.

Before the World’s First Race, Bungie disables Winterbite

Since then, Bungie has disabled the use of exotic items while they work on a solution to the problem. An announcement was made on Twitter stating that it has been disabled for all the dungeons, raids, and Gambit instances containing the weapon.

It is unlikely that Winterglaive will be repaired by the time the World’s First race of “The Root of Nightmares” begins on March 10, the date of the event. It appears as though Winterglaive will have to remain frozen until then.

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