Apprehension Among Valorant Players Over Potentially Overpowered New Agent Gekko

The upcoming edition of “overpowered” Gekko to the ever-expanding cast of Agents in the next act has players of Valorant feeling apprehensive about their options. The arrival of the subsequent Valorant Agent Gekko is close now. Gekko is unquestionably a one-of-a-kind addition to the club, as he is the sixth Initiator to join.

The Agent, who was born and bred in Los Angeles, will be a breath of fresh air for players, and he will shake up the meta with the armory of creatures he has available to him. Yet, in spite of the fact that Act 2 of the Agent has yet to be released, the community is already apprehensive about how potent the new Initiator may potentially be.

Players of Valorant are concerned about Gekko’s “overpowered” status

The Valorant community has been quick to vent their thoughts on the newly introduced Agent, despite the fact that it has yet to be launched. Gekko’s talents revolve around his critters, which can either place the spike or defuse it on his behalf. In addition, the Agent is equipped with a flash, a stun, and a grenade as part of his armament.

A discussion was started on Reddit on March 4 in which gamers debated what they thought of the Initiator. Many players concluded that Gekko might be too mighty. According to what one player had written, “I think the plant/defuse is going to be very overpowering in a 1v1.” “Yes, the defuse is impossible with many guys alive, and even the plant is tough,” concurred another, “but in a 1v1, it’ll be massive.”

On the other side, there are many who believe that Gekko won’t be that dominant in the solo queue at higher levels of competition. It is likely that he will need help to compete at greater elo. Someone said it “seems pretty easy just to shoot his dogs.”

“He’s going to be broken in VCT, but most players won’t find him very impressive. “A lot of people are going to exploit the spike plant/diffuse ability as a crutch, and as a result, they’re going to get outplayed,” one player commented. “The ability seems overpowered, and it is,” the player continued. Riot has stated that Gekko was the most challenging Agent to develop thus far. As a result, many players are eagerly anticipating the release of Act 2 so that they may get their hands on the character.

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