Modern Warfare 2 Players Express Concerns Over Call of Duty’s Live Service Model

The players of Modern Warfare 2 are all worried that the live service model could “ruin” the Call of Duty series as a whole. Those who are part of the Call of Duty fanbase frequently perceive the discussion as depressing and gloomy.

The number of “it’s not like it was” discussions on social media seems to increase yearly as players worry about the future of their particular team. Despite its massive sales at launch, Modern Warfare 2 hasn’t bucked the trend, as many have started to blame the live service model for altering both the game and the expectations around it.

Concern regarding the “live service model” among Modern Warfare 2 players

The most recent discussion started with a player speculating that Shipment gamers would ultimately generate enough buzz that Call of Duty would forego their renowned big maps in favor of more intimate settings with shorter battles.

When a different player made the argument that Shipment’s popularity is the result of the live service paradigm in use rather than the players themselves, things only became more fascinating. They replied, “I’ve played a lot of CoD 4 and barely recall playing anything in normal settings. “I guess the attractiveness increased when CoD adopted the “Live Service” model because Shipment facilitates advancement more quickly and easily.”

A third commentator suggested that Infinity Ward and the other Call of Duty companies should relieve some of that strain by simply lowering their Battle Pass and challenge completion standards. “Reworking the grind could address many of the problems. Some developers associate the task with goals that are incredibly challenging to reach when playing naturally.

The idea that Shipment is a fantastic addition in moderation but that making it a 24/7 playlist or continuously adding “Shoot The Ship” is only necessary to remedy players from other threads has also supported issues that might have been avoided with developer intervention. For the time being, Modern Warfare 2 is still making a ton of money, and despite rumors that fewer people are playing the game than expected last year, it’s clear that it will be around for a while.

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