The Immortal: Destiny 2’s Newest Trials SMG Takes PvP by Storm, Prompting Nerf Requests from Players

The Immortal, the newest Trials SMG in Destiny 2, has already taken the PvP world by storm, prompting gamers to seek nerfs from Bungie just hours after its launch. In Destiny 2: Lightfall, the endgame action Trials of Osiris recently appeared, giving players access to the eagerly anticipated SMG The Immortal. There were none Guardians who have now obtained the weapon following the completion of the first round of the Trials of Osiris, albeit many are dissatisfied with how potent it is.

With its debut, the Immortal (Adept) has overtaken the IKELOS SMG v1.0.3 as the second-most used weapon in competitive PvP, according to DestinyTracker. However, the Immortal’s adept form forces players to travel to The Lighthouse, necessitating a flawless trials card. Given how recently it has been made available, the weapon’s astoundingly high pick rate serves as evidence of its immense power. The gun will surpass the IKELOS SMG in a matter of days as players have more time to play flawlessly in the future.

Because of this, Destiny 2 users have taken to Reddit to express their anger with the weapon, precisely their curiosity as to its purpose in the first place.

Players of Destiny 2 express their displeasure with the new Trials SMG’s excessive strength.

Gamers were quick to draw attention to Bungie’s recent pattern of weakening SMGs with an aggressive frame, like Tarrabah and IKELOS. Players are criticizing Bungie’s decision to release such a potent weapon of the same archetype at this time, which has increased community annoyance.

It’s clear why the gun has grown so popular while looking at The Immortal’s perk pool. First, with the top dog IKELOS having the same round-per-minute position, it’s one of the most suitable SMG archetypes at 750 RPM. Rangefinder is an effective perk because degree greatly influences the damage fall-off for a gun in PvP.

The Immortal’s second column can roll with either Target Lock or Kill Clip, making it even more potent than the IKELOS. This is the icing on the cake. Under specific circumstances, Target Lock and Kill Clip increase the weapon’s damage output under particular circumstances, perhaps cutting the time to kill even more. Destiny 2 players would prefer to see the weapon nerfed now rather than later. Bungie has yet to confirm if they will be doing so.

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