Modern Warfare 2 Community Calls for Implementation of Parody Map Concept

Ironically, Modern Warfare 2 community members want a phony map concept generated by a player to be implemented in the game legitimately. There has been significant negative feedback regarding the multiplayer map pool in Modern Warfare 2. The “pathetic” Season 2 update for the multiplayer mode, which only reintroduced one previously removed map and a refurbished landscape, received criticism from community members.

Season 1 followed a similar trend, re-introducing the well-known Shipment and Shoothouse. Fans of the multiplayer mode begged the developers to create a brand new map instead of remastering older ones. In response to the comment, Infinity Ward moved up the release date for the new map that they will include in Season 2 Reloaded. Although the announcement made by Infinity Ward served to appease some of the disappointed fans, others have decided to take matters into their own hands and create their multiplayer battlegrounds.

Modern Warfare 2 false parody map goes viral

A Modern Warfare 2 player on Reddit made a humorous suggestion for a new 6v6 map that models around 24/7 Shipping. Also, the concept would consist of a single corridor, with opposing teams spawning on opposite sides of the room.

The concept makes fun of the Call of Duty community for appreciating the hectic atmosphere of Shipment and Shoothouse. Still, several players have expressed a desire to see the idea implemented in the game.

A community member proposed a new game mode influenced by Gunfight and the Gulag. This mode would pit enemies against each other in heated one-on-one duels on areas conceptually comparable to hallways. Another user said, “you are joking, but many Shipment gamers would genuinely like playing on this map.” A number of the other players concurred, expressing thoughts such as “this would be epic” or “yeah, but that would be so fun.”

The hallway battle seen in the image above was available in Battlefield 4’s Operation Locker level, which, believe it or not, is one of the most liked maps in the series. For something that was supposed to be funny, Hallway would make an excellent long-term mode (LTM) or April Fools’ Day hoax for gamers hoping to level up quickly or have some laughs with their buddies.

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