Hoenn Tour Event in Las Vegas Causes Map-Wiping Bug for Pokemon Go Players

After the conclusion of the Pokemon Go Hoenn Tour Las Vegas event, players assert that they deleted all spawning, Pokestops, and gyms from the map. As a means of making up for this, Niantic is currently providing free Raid Passes to players who are still located in Las Vegas. 

At least in the instance of a problem that Pokemon Go players had at the conclusion of the live Hoenn Tour competition, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Not long after the competition ended, gamers discovered that all the Pokestops and Gyms had vanished from the map, which left them dissatisfied.

The fact that the exclusive raids held as part of the Rayquaza Raid event were only accessible through the vanished Pokestops and Gyms disappointed players particularly. In addition to this issue, players have reported having various difficulties during the course of the weekend. The event was marred by problems, some of which Niantic attributed to players.

Hoenn Tour concludes with a significant map-wiping bug

Players in Las Vegas were the first to notice that the map had been completely erased of all in-game locations. A gamer by the name of Merlion4ek was the one who initially reported the bug on TheSilphRoad, where additional players confirmed that it was a widespread issue.

But, the issue of an empty map was not something that was unique to Las Vegas. Players from both California and the Netherlands reported the same issue at precisely the same moment.

Despite the fact that the issue is affecting players all across the world, Niantic is providing gamers in Las Vegas with a free bundle in the Item Shop that comprises three Remote Raid Passes. Players who are still in the Las Vegas area are the only ones who are eligible to claim the bundle.

Due to the problems, some of the athletes left Nevada and went back home. Niantic responded to a player who inquired about the status of the bundle by saying, “A bundle of 3 Remote Raid Passes should be available in the Shop for the Trainers who are in Las Vegas to claim within the next 24 hours. This should be clearer now. I appreciate your patience!

The player answered, “Not really,” in response. Players are hoping Niantic can resolve its troubles in time for the World Pokemon Go Hoenn Tour, which starts in a few days, so as to avoid experiencing the same difficulties as in Las Vegas.

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