Valorant’s Upcoming Agent 22: Leaks, Teasers, and Potential Release Date

The following Agent for Valorant is approaching. Here is all we know about Agent 22, even if Riot hasn’t made the character public. The list of Valorant Agents keeps overgrowing. While there were only 10 Agents available when the first-person shooter originally began, there are now many options available to gamers.

It hasn’t been long since Harbor’s appearance in Episode 5, which was undoubtedly a breath of fresh air for the players. But, the Indian water-wielding Agent was reportedly a little “underwhelming,” and now many anticipate what comes next. Here is all we know about Agent 22, the upcoming Agent from Valorant, including a potential release date.

Valorous Agent 22: Leaks, Teasers, and Rumors

The following Agent of Valorant still needs to be discovered. Yet, a new Agent presently being developed goes by the codename “SmokeDancer,” according to well-known leaker “ValorLeaks.” The moniker hints that the upcoming Agent might be able to counter smokes or other abilities obstructing a line of sight, though codenames typically give us little to go on.

Additionally, Riot developer John ‘MEMEMEME’ Gosciki provided some information about what players might expect in 2023 in his most recent State of the Agents report. Fans may anticipate three new agents this year, says the developer. Riot revealed that, at the very least, we’d be getting a new initiator and sentinel. They would not, however, say which class the third Agent will belong to.

Fans also received a small teaser in the State of the Agents update. The foot of the following Agent was exposed, as usual. Although there is not much to go on, Agent 22 might accompany a friend when they arrive.

When will the following Valorant Agent be made available?

Riot has not formally announced the Agent 22 release date. But, based on the usual release timetable, Agent 22 should be made available in Episode 6 Act 3, which is anticipated to begin sometime in late April. While that may seem far off, it’s important to remember that if developers are ahead of schedule, they could deploy the new Agent sooner.

We will just have to wait and see what Riot has in store for us. That is all we currently know about the impending Agent 22 in Valorant. To stay ahead of the competition, go through our other gaming guides.

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