Minecraft on Nintendo Switch: Freezing Issues Reported after 1.19.70 Update

Since the recent deployment of the game’s 1.19.70 update, gamers of Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch have reported experiencing issues with the game freezing. Earlier this week, Mojang Studios, the company that develops Minecraft. It released version 1.19.70, which included several experimental additions scheduled to be released alongside update 1.20.

Examples of such additions are the Torchflower seed, the Sniffer mob, the craftable Brush item, and the Painted Pots. Also, the update included various bug fixes for all supported platforms. In particular, version 1.19.70 fixes problems that caused Switch users’ computers to crash when they tried to log in when the system was in local network mode. Nevertheless, reports from users indicate that the update opened the door to another problem on the Nintendo platform that completely broke the game.

Users of Minecraft on Switch have reported a problem with the game freezing following the latest update

Recently, a user by the name of MrLuckyTimeOW on Reddit reported an issue in which their copy of Minecraft on Switch would load at most 66 percent with the release of version 1.19.70 a few days ago. Additional users of Reddit have reported experiencing the same freezing bug.

As the game’s developer, Mojang Studios, has yet to comment on the issue as of this writing, no information is available to indicate whether or if an official patch is being developed. However, players have found a temporary solution that allows Minecraft on Switch to boot up as intended.

A temporary fix for the freezing bug that affects Minecraft on the Switch

In response to the Reddit article that was just referenced, user CoconutGator provided a solution that was successful for them. It consists of the following steps: Put an end to the game. Make sure that the console is set to airplane mode. Do a hard reset on the Switch, then power up Minecraft while the console is still in airplane mode.

The original poster asserted that this strategy “really worked” for them to their advantage. Unfortunately, the percentage of times that the aircraft mode practice is successful has yet to be determined.

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