Minecraft 1.20 Update Brings Archeology and New Treasures to the Game

In the upcoming version 1.20 update for Minecraft, the much-anticipated archeology feature, along with new tools, blocks, and treasure, will finally be added to the game.

The caves and cliffs update version 1.17 was the one that was meant to have the archaeological features included in it. Fans were forced to wait through several setbacks until they were finally able to harness their inner Indiana Jones after the reveal at Minecon 2020.

Since then, there has been very little information released on the current state of archeology or when it would be implemented, although the development team behind the game has stated that the feature will indeed be added at some point in the future. The 1.20 update has been much awaited because it will bring features such as smithing templates. These templates will finally give the smithing table in Minecraft a purpose. However, there is even more cause to be enthusiastic about this new development.

The updated version 1.20 of Minecraft will include archeology

The announcement that Minecraft’s 1.20 version will officially add archeology features was made on the official Minecraft site on February 10th. This means that players can find dig sites in deserts, including a new sort of block known as suspicious sand. Players can utilize the new brush tool at these dig sites to reveal new forms of loot by digging through the suspicious sand.

This may contain the newly discovered pieces of pottery, which, when put together, can be used to fashion elaborate pots. In version 1.20, in addition to the new sniffer mob, players will be able to unearth tools, bones, and sniffer eggs, another new item that will be added to the game.

A pretty positive response has been received to the confirmation that archeology is finally going to be added to Minecraft. The general public has accepted this response.

Fans from around the world are rejoicing over the long-awaited release of archeology, and influential content artists such as Wattles, CubFan, and FailWhip have all voiced their delight about the game update. The release date for Minecraft’s version 1.20 update has yet to be officially announced, so players may have to wait sometime before they can begin digging. But at least the players are aware that the wait is ending now.

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