Milio’s Ability in League of Legends Enables Game-Breaking Tactics for Players

Players have already discovered methods to use Milio’s ability, which enhances his friends’ assault range, in ways that are ruining the game. In League of Legends, game-breaking bugs are expected. No matter how much internal and PBE testing is done, some things are guaranteed to break here and there because of the constant addition of new champions, items, and systems to the game.

For instance, the initial edition of Aurelion Sol was rife with game-breaking bugs that gave him power far beyond the limitations of his kit. Milio is abusing the game uniquely, but his equipment is functioning as it should. Players in League of Legends have already discovered a few methods to use his other attack range to perform actions that no other champion is capable of, making him a rather formidable opponent to play against.

Inventive League of Legends gamers uses Milio to win the match

Vandiril is famous for identifying problems and taking League of Legends’ in-game mechanics to the ultimate limit. This time, he discovered that Milio’s other attack range enables ADCs to execute auto attacks on targets well outside their typical range restrictions.

Milio’s W range enhancement allows ranged champions to attack towers from over the next wall rather than siege them as usual. It is against League of Legends’ regulations to let some ADC champions knock buildings above barriers; if allowed unchecked, this could result in serious problems.

It’s crucial to remember that the winners in this video clip can all extend their range beyond what is typically possible with their equipment. Nonetheless, getting to stuff like Jinx’s extended rocket range and Kog’Maw’s comprehensive W range is relatively easy.

ADCs now have a ton of new options to do things like harass enemies behind their towers, where they would typically be safe, and assault epic monsters like Baron and Dragon from comfortably above walls. This character’s range has already become a meme in the League of Legends community for a good cause. If left unaltered, it will provide him with a toolkit that deviates from League of Legends’ established norms and enables for sure antics that may be highly challenging to counteract.

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