BRION threatens legal action against LCK over unfair side selection communication

A little over a month ago, the side selection for BRION’s LCK match vs. KT Rolster needed to be communicated more effectively to them. They are now pressing the LCK for more action because this wasn’t a one-time occurrence. And they have threatened legal action if LCK authorities don’t take steps to prevent such events in the future.

In League of Legends, winning a game mainly depends on effective drafting. Regardless of how good the players are, having some winning lanes and a goal with your team composition is essential to pulling out a win.

Finding a drafting plan that enables your team to secure power picks and counter picks is a crucial component of professional play because the blue and red sides each have their distinct benefits. It has been established that BRION received the incorrect side assignment from their opponent KT Rolster prior to their match. They admitted that they learned their side assignment only 40 minutes before kickoff.

LCK officials express regret to BRION for the incorrect side selection.

BRION was unprepared for their match against KT Rolster due to a miscommunication, which hampered their drafts. Despite the error, BRION had to start the game 40 minutes after knowing they would play on blue. BRION’s statement detailed LCK officials’ mistakes and the LCK’s apology.

“Side selections are decided three days ahead of each match, and league officials are responsible for alerting teams,” the LCK rulebook states. This gives clubs time to plan their draft strategy and prioritize picks. KT Rolster has a three-day draft planning session. 

BRION took 40 minutes.Several fans called BRION’s treatment “awful,” even though the LCK’s league operations administration took full responsibility for the incident. Around a month later, BRION released a lengthy statement criticizing the LCK’s handling of this situation. BRION has vowed to sue and submit an FTC complaint over unfair behavior. They claimed a similar side selection error with its Challenger’s League club.

Brion requested financial compensation from the LCK for these issues. But they want the money donated to charity. The amount given would set a standard for future payment for teams with similar problems.

They urged that the LCK create rules to ensure that each team is treated equally and evenly inside the league and that its officials and operations follow strict norms like the teams. Notwithstanding the issue, BRION has a Western cult following due to its unconventional playstyle and lively personality.

This lengthy Twitter thread details how fans think BRION has yet to be considered in regional award shows and commercial campaigns. LCK has yet to comment on the latest BRION claims.

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