Liveban Saves the Day: A Warzone 2 Player Outsmarts Cheater and Claims Victory

As the first season of Warzone 2 draws to a close, the issue of players cheating has only gotten worse. In the game’s climactic battle, one player was going head-to-head against a hacker, but a well-timed live ban saved the day.

The number of people trying to cheat in Warzone 2 has reached a level that is comparable to its peak in the first game. The typical auto-aim and wallhack combinations have never been eradicated. Even though entire lobbies are being disconnected from the server at random intervals, “lag switches” make gunfights much more challenging to win problems that have existed from the beginning.

It is a problem that Activision will inevitably have to intervene on to eventually get things back under control. However, for the time being, it is encouraging to know that the anti-cheating is still catching some of the players before they can celebrate their unearned triumphs.

A Warzone 2 player caught cheating is live-banned seconds before the match’s conclusion

TikToker DyceTV was amid a critical circumstance. The final circle was drawing near, and all that stood between them and victory was a one-on-one showdown. He searched the area but was unsuccessful in locating the other player. Just then, a barrage of gunshots descended upon him, and he dove for cover before stepping up to the plate.

The fact that a quick peak resulted in broken armor again led him to assume that the other player was not playing fairly. This suspicion took little time to form. “You don’t miss…this child is cheating,” the commentator said.

@dycetv_ Never thought I would see this… #warzone2 #callofduty #imdyce ♬ original sound – DyceTV

Even though Dyce could fire some impressive bullets during the subsequent gunfight, it was not enough to get the knockout blow. The liar brought him to his knees, and at that point, all that was left to do was complete the kill.

However, they were more quickly than necessary, and the Ricochet anti-cheat system was able to step in at the perfect moment. The cheater was kicked out of the lobby, and Dyce was given the victory due to their actions.

Even while it may not be adequate compensation for all of the other operators who lost their lives due to the hacking, the fact that justice was served partially redeemed the situation. Players in Warzone 2 are looking toward the update for Season 2 in the hopes that it will relieve the increasing prevalence of cheating in the game.

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