Activision Confirms Launch of Upcoming “Premium” Call of Duty Game in 2023

Activision is putting its money where its mouth is and reiterating that there will be a new “full annual premium release” for the Call of Duty brand in the fall of 2023.

Reports contradicting one another cast uncertainty on the future of Call of Duty. Activision hinted at the release of a new Call of Duty game in 2023 during an earnings meeting for the company’s second quarter in August 2022. The company said, “production of additional premium content planned for 2023 and beyond.”

CharlieINTEL, a Call of Duty insider, stated that in the past, premium content has been equivalent to new releases. Nevertheless, the offer of downloadable content for Modern Warfare 2 seems to be limited based on the suggestion. The authorship of the next installment in the series has become a source of concern. The community is well aware that Treyarch will oversee the development of Call of Duty 2024, whereas Infinity Ward created Modern Warfare 2.

The Call of Duty, leaker RalphsValve, asserted in October 2022 that Sledgehammer Games is working on Advanced Warfare 2. CharlieINTEL was able to end rumors regarding a sequel to Advanced Warfare but could not confirm Sledgehammer’s future project. On February 6th, Activision confirmed their plans for 2023 with the announcement of a new premium release of some kind.

Activision has restated the 2023 Call of Duty intentions.

Activision announced on February 6 that their plans for 2023 include “ever more compelling live services across platforms as well as the next full annual premium release in the blockbuster series.”

Schrier reaffirmed his earlier conclusions and stated that the project in 2023 is “a continuation of MW2.”

Activision has released a new Call of Duty game every year for the past 17 years, alternating between the studios of Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Sledgehammer. Modern Warfare 2 will likely be the first game in the franchise’s history to have a lifespan of two years.

Cod Leaker TheGhostofHope revealed in October 2022 an expansion that was going to be added to Modern Warfare 2 in 2023. The development was going to be a paid “greatest hits map pack” that would feature classic maps from the catalogs of Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Sledgehammer to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the franchise.

Long-time fans of Call of Duty, who have played the game extensively, would eagerly welcome the opportunity to play updated versions of the maps London Docks, Nuketown, Firing Range, and Fringe in Modern Warfare 2.

However, it would be best if you took any rumors with a grain of salt, and we will publish an update as soon as Activision provides more information about the future of Call of Duty.

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