Leaked Skins for Rivals Collection Event in Apex Legends Season 17

The skins for the upcoming Rivals collection event in Apex Legends have been discovered early, giving fans an early peek at different looks for heroes such as Loba and Revenant. Although the developer, Respawn, still needs to provide an official release date. Apex Legends Season 17 is anticipated to begin somewhere in the first week of May.

The development studio has yet to divulge much information about the upcoming seasonal update. However, according to the rumors and claimed leaks that have surfaced, players have a lot to look forward to. According to one of these leaks, Season 17 will have a single-player Rumble Limited-Time Mode. It will be able to flip the battle royale on its head. The recent leaks provide fans with a possible preview of the skins available during the upcoming Rivals collection event.

Skins for the Rivals event in Apex Legends are now being traded around

Insider Gaming has revealed photographs that were allegedly obtained through a leak of the skins that will be available during the Rivals collection event that will take place during Season 17. The skins displayed were “sketched to protect the publication’s source.” But they nevertheless give a decent glimpse of what will be available. Also, in one of the images, Revenant can be seen dressed formally and sporting a freshly designed faceplate.

In a second sketch, we see Mad Maggie dressed as a Valkyrie with wings connected to her armor. She is depicted wearing armor. A third picture shows Loba wearing a mask that covers part of her face and has designs of a crescent moon on it as well as other portions of her attire.

Thordan Smash, the content creator for Apex Legends and the author of the Inside Gaming report. Provided some supplementary information in the video found on YouTube. The information was provided by the YouTuber, who revealed that the forthcoming Apex Legends Rivals event would feature a Legendary skin for Revenant that will have a blue base color with gold and red highlights. Maggie and Loba’s models do not yet have any colors added to them.

Thordan Smash stated that there is no reason to doubt that Octane’s Heist skin will make an appearance in the event. The concept was first seen in a short titled Stories from the Outlands. However, it is currently unknown whether or not the wingsuit will be a part of his uniform in the game.

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