EA Unveils EA Sports FC Logo, Inspired by Iconic Triangle Design Feature from FIFA

The designers looked to one of the company’s most iconic design aspects from an earlier project in order to create the official EA Sports FC logo. This design feature was taken from an earlier project.

The nearly 30-year partnership between FIFA and Electronic Arts came to an end with the release of FIFA 23, the latest installment in the FIFA series. While Electronic Arts is moving on with a new project that will be known as EA Sports FC, the President of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, plans to establish a rival “e-game.”

We do not have a lot of information regarding the upcoming project that EA is working on, but there have been reports that the video game will contain dynamic packs, an online career mode, and cross-play pro clubs. We do not have a lot of information surrounding the upcoming project that EA is working on. The new series of games include all of Electronic Arts’ previously held license rights, including those for the Premier League, La Liga, NWSL, and Bundesliga, amongst others. These rights have been incorporated into the games.

EA has recently revealed the official logo for the game, and players who are experienced with FIFA will be able to recognize it quickly due to its appearance.

The EA Sports FC logo has been made public

On April 6, EA unveiled the first teaser trailer for EA Sports FC, and it revealed the official logo for the next video game. EA Sports FC is scheduled to be released later this year. The primary focal point of the trailer is the triangular player indicator that appears above a player’s head. Since the beginning of the game, the user has been able to identify which athlete they are controlling simply glancing at the triangle that shows on the screen at certain points during gameplay.

In order to serve as the foundation for the company’s logo, Electronic Arts decided to go with the timeless form of a triangle.

The following statement was released by EA in reference to the new brand: “The new brand takes its design inspiration directly from the beautiful game and a dominant shape in football culture that represents the sport in multiple dimensions, triangles.”

Since the inception of EA SPORTS football, the shape has been an essential component of the gameplay in each and every aspect of the game, from passing strategies to predefined plays. This has been the case right from the start. The developers of the next EA Sports entry have announced that further information about the game would be made available in the month of July.

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