The Pain of Losing Galarian Legendary Birds in Pokemon Go: A Gamer’s Perspective

Galarian Legendary Birds have been a problem for Pokemon Go users since they frequently flee or run away from balls following head-earned combat. The pain, according to players, is worse than getting a crotch kick.

For months, players of Pokemon have been discussing their anxious experiences with the Galarian Legendary Birds. Gamers find the birds extremely challenging to capture, even with the addition of the trio and Daily Adventure Incense in 2022.

Players of Pokemon Go first embraced the challenge because of a mechanic in the smartphone application that demanded precision and perseverance in order to have a successful encounter. The excitement of the task, however, is wearing off as weeks turn into months, and many people are becoming frustrated with both the Daily Adventure Incense and the birds themselves.

Fans have taken to social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to air their grievances; some have shared stories of narrow escapes or recurring setbacks. Because of the limited number of captures and the high number of escapes, some people have come up with memes that are both funny and excruciatingly relatable to other gamers.

Pokemon Go gamers assess their pain levels after losing Galarian Birds

RaspberryWeiner, a user who enjoys the Pokemon Go joke, shared an illustration on Twitter that depicted four varying levels of suffering. The first three are getting kicked in the crotch, having your baby kicked in the crotch, and getting punched in the face. People consider the final one, where they see a Galarian Legendary Bird escape, to be the most excruciating.

Despite the fact that users have expressed a variety of opinions regarding number four in the comments section, many fans of Pokemon Go agree that it is the most frustrating to deal with. Because of this, I don’t use my daily incense, one of the participants adds, while another one of the players comments, “formal ROFL.” can’t endure the misery any longer.

Others are less amused by the comparisons made to real-life situations, though. Not a woman, but from what I heard, childbirth is excruciatingly painful. I’m going to assume that a man produced this drawing.” A different person remarked, “It takes an absolute legend to endure childbirth. Two delicate, masculine floppy parts have no chance against this. But it’s funny—10/10 for Galarian encounters.

While some of the horrific situations featured in the Pokemon Go meme may be off-target, everyone agrees on one thing: witnessing the Galarian Legendary Birds leave is one of the most agonizing things gamers are currently going through.

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