ImperialHal Stumbled Upon a New Horizon Counter in Apex Legends: Maggie’s Ultimate

TSM pro-Philip “ImperialHal” Dosen was startled after an adversary in Apex Legends attacked him with a new Horizon counter that interfered with her Gravity Lift.

Horizon has remained a very well-liked character in the Apex Legends community despite receiving a set of covert nerfs in Season 15 that has now been reversed. The Gravitational Manipulator has a pick rate of 7.3% overall and a staggering 21.5% in the Predator tier of Ranked, making it the legend that is selected the most frequently among players competing in the highest tiers of the game.

In the hands of a skilled player, Horizon’s kit can be quite effective, as she possesses a devastating crowd control ability in the form of her Ultimate as well as tremendous mobility abilities in the form of both her Passive and her Tactical. While playing in ranked, ImperialHal was taken aback by a new Horizon counter. This threw off the Tactical and came dangerously close to costing him the gunfight.

In Apex Legends, Maggie Ultimate Directly Combats Horizon

ImperialHal and his TSM colleagues were playing Horizon in Ranked on the World’s Edge map during a recent webcast.

Hal decided to use the Gravity Lift to obtain high ground for his unit to take on an opposition squad. Verhulst then used the Tactical to push Hal hard in return, but as they both rose into the air, they were both instantly shocked.

After they had won the skirmish, Hal was so shocked that he cried out, “How the f**k did that hit us?” They didn’t notice the enemy Maggie had shot her Ultimate into the Gravity Lift until after the fact. The TSM members were immediately stunned and knocked out of the air by the Ball as it followed them upward.

Only then did they understand that Maggie, the enemy, had shot her Ultimate into the Gravity Lift. The TSM members were immediately stunned and knocked out of the air by the Ball as it followed them upward. The TSM members laughed and said that the Ball had an “aimbot,” They all concurred that this was a potent “Horizon counter.”

It is especially helpful in preventing aggressive rushes because it ensures that every adversary hovering in the Gravity Lift will be stunned. Therefore, it might be time to learn Maggie and start launching her Wrecking Ball into the Tactical if you’re sick of fighting Horizon players floating in the air.

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