Destiny 2: Server Downtime and Rollback for Player Progression Issues

Players of Destiny 2 were unable to enjoy the live-service first-person shooter and massively multiplayer online role-playing game for almost 24 hours, as serious issues with player progression triggered a shutdown. However, the game is now back online.

Bungie has not been taking any time off recently to work on Destiny 2, instead moving forward with full force and making significant adjustments in preparation for the release of the massive Lightfall expansion on February 28. Players have universally celebrated the removal of blue engrams, as these improvements significantly improved the quality of life in the game.

On the other hand, with all of the adjustments that Bungie has been making to the game, it was only a matter of time before the game’s servers went down for good. It was discovered that there were several issues relating to the progression of the player’s titles, seals, and catalysts, all of which are essential aspects that can take many days of playtime to accomplish.

Destiny 2 Server Downtime and Rollback

As a direct result, on January 24, Bungie took the game offline and carried out a rollback to the game’s servers. This caused the game to be inaccessible for several hours, but it was necessary to safeguard any player progression.

Fortunately, after twenty hours of downtime, Bungie discovered the ghost of Destiny 2. It was able to bring the game back to life, allowing gamers of Destiny 2 to immediately resume their grind.

In a statement on Twitter, Bungie explained how the events occurred, including their reasoning as to why it occurred and why they made a choice to pull the game offline and perform a rollback in response to the situation.

In the end, “game stability” emerged as their “primary priority” in light of the circumstances. As a result of the challenges, the developers concluded that it would be prudent to temporarily remove the game in order to “preserve player’s progress” while they worked on a solution.

Bungie received appreciation from a wide variety of community members and streamers for how it handled the situation, demonstrating diligence and transparency throughout.

As of this moment, we have not seen the Destiny 2 servers go down again; nonetheless, let us hope that Bungie will not need to resurrect the game anytime soon before Lightfall arrives.

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