ImperialHal Blasts Respawn for “Incompetent” Handling of “UI Images” Bug in Season 15

After Apex Legends‘ iconic ‘UI graphics ran out of room’ the issue ruined a match in the middle of a combat, TSM pro-Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen blasted Respawn as “incompetent,” calling the developer an “idiot.”

Since its release in February 2019, gamers of Apex Legends have frequently been impacted by a variety of bugs and problems. However, the majority of them have been addressed quite quickly or can be traced back to an evident cause. An error message “UI images ran out of room” has been the source of a trouble in prior seasons. None more so than in the current Season 15, which is still in progress.

The notification appears after the game has terminated unexpectedly. But it does not provide any additional context or identify the root cause. It would appear that no one is immune to its grasp, as TSM pro-ImperialHal was taken in by it while participating in a live stream in the month of January.

ImperialHal Criticizes Respawn for Apex Legends UI Error in Match

Hal was in the midst of a gunfight during a professional scrimmage when he was suddenly removed from the game. At the time, he was hanging in midair and firing his weapon at an opponent. As Hal attempted to load back into the game, the recognizable error notice “Engine Error – UI Images ran out of room” appeared on the screen.

It should come as no surprise that he was not overly satisfied with the outcome: “We would have won it regardless if I just didn’t fall in the middle [of the gunfight].” When I was in the air, I knew we’d easily triumph in that… Holy crap, what a terrible game this is! 

“How is it possible for you to be so f***ing clumsy at your work? What the f*ck! I’m about to send a fury tweet, f**k you. This is so f***ing stupid it’s not even funny.

Timestamp: 00:31

Respawn addressed the issue in public on January 18, after keeping quiet about it for several weeks.

“The Apex team is currently working through a bug where players are getting a pop-up. Reading “Engine Error — UI Images Ran Out of Room,” they said, verifying that it is being looked at. In the morning, we will check in again with new information and we are keeping our fingers crossed that we will have found a solution to this problem by then.

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