Pokemon Go Trainers Criticize Niantic for Adventure Sync Issues Ahead of Global Hoenn Tour Event

Trainers of Pokemon Go have resorted to Reddit to criticize Niantic for troubles with the game’s Adventure Sync feature, which is not functioning correctly just a few days before the Global Hoenn Tour event. It’s that time of year again, which means that Pokemon Go is getting ready to introduce its newest region-focused global event called the Hoenn Tour into the game.

An event in Las Vegas marked Niantic’s focus on the Hoenn Area, but players became frustrated due to numerous problems they encountered by the time the event ended. Trainers are already discovering problems associated with the upcoming worldwide event, this time relating to egg-locked regional Pokemon and continued issues with Adventure Sync.

Trainers of Pokemon Go have been critical of Niantic due to problems with Adventure Sync

A user by the name of absolute mundanity voiced his concerns in a post that was made on The Silph Road subreddit on February 20. In the communication, they inquired whether or not Niantic was aware of the ongoing problems with Adventure Sync tracking before the Global Hoenn Tour event.

I’m not going to India to get a Torkoal because it’s dazzling. Why bother egg-locking them if the game isn’t working correctly? If I have Adventure Sync, I’ll be able to get rid of my egg stack and hatch eggs on the same day. They said, “Really, what is going on?” given that my app will be open most of the day. “On that day, it’s not the largest problem, but what is happening?”

They haven’t even acknowledged the problems, have they? There is nothing that I can locate on their list of “known bugs.” Should I be seeing something obvious here? Eggs will hide regional Pokemon throughout the event, but hatching them will be more challenging as Adventure Sync won’t function correctly.

Others responded to the article very immediately with their comments, collectively criticizing Niantic for the recent problems that have been occurring. “Do they give a damn? The app failed to track the kilometers I walked, ruining my adventure sync weekly egg and preventing it from hatching on time.”Extremely depressing,” commented one person.

As Niantic has yet to respond to the continued problems with Adventure Sync tracking distance walked, we will have to wait until the worldwide Hoenn Tour event to determine whether or not anything will be done to fix the problem. In the meantime, you may find additional news and how-to tips in the Pokemon Go section of our website.

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