Apex Legend Pro ‘HisWattson’ Completes Bronze to Master Solo Queue Challenge Using Only Snipers

The professional player of Apex Legends known as Jacob ‘HisWattson’ McMillin has completed a Ranked challenge in which he had to rise from Bronze to Master by exclusively employing snipers. Even while a significant fraction of the Apex Legends community participates in Ranked Matches, only a chosen few can advance to the Master and Predator tiers.

You’ll need an incredible kill count using your weaponry, top-tier game knowledge, and the ability to properly communicate with your team members if you want to progress through these tiers. However, FURIA pro-HisWattson not only satisfies all of the qualifications above, but he also keeps a spot in Predator and is even ranked number one in June 2022. In addition to this, HisWattson is currently ranked number two in Predator.

Wattson concluded that the best method for him to have a more challenging experience with Ranked would be to engage in a solo queue climb from Bronze up to Masters using snipers. The mission that he set out to complete is now finished.

Only snipers were used by HisWattson when he completed Master

On January 26, HisWattson announced on Twitter that he had completed the Bronze to Masters solo queue challenge using sole snipers. Wattson earned a total level of 56 on a brand new account he called Superman to complete the achievement. He also accumulated more than 375 sniper kills.

In addition, the sniper succeeded in reaching a total of 15,190 RP and racking up a total of 2,582 headshots.

This is a rather impressive feat, considering that any team that wanted to push him aggressively had a huge advantage over him when fighting at close range with ARs and SMGs. This is because he is able to use both types of weapons.

It was also crucial to have an exceptional aim to navigate the endgame rings, as a missed shot with a sniper might result in a rapid death if an opponent is using a CAR, R-301, or Flatline. This was another reason why it was essential to have excellent aim.

It is hoped that Wattson will set himself yet another objective in the near future since the FURIA pro is discovering that ascending to Predator with no constraints is getting a lot easier than it should be at this point.

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