Fortnite Update 23.40: New Content and Bug Fixes Patch Notes and Downtime Information

The battle royale in Fortnite version 23.40 has new content and bug fixes. Here are the early patch notes with outage information. The developers at Epic Games are working on a few mid-season content improvements to keep the game interesting until Fortnite Chapter 4: Season 1 ends in a few weeks. Although we only know a little about this update, which is a change, we’ve compiled what we know below and will update this page as we find out more.

Downtime information for Fortnite update 23.40

Although it hasn’t been formally announced, Fortnite update v23.40 is anticipated to experience downtime on Tuesday, February 14, 2023, at roughly 1 AM PT, 4 AM ET, and 9 AM GMT. Although the precise duration of the downtime is unknown, it typically lasts between one hour and two hours.

Fortnite early patch notes for update 23.40

Items from Dragon Ball will return to the vault

Fortnite DragonBall Item

The Nimbus Cloud and Kamehameha goods will return to the vault after the v23.40 update, so we hope you’ve enjoyed utilizing them over the previous several weeks. gloomy times

Folly, a fresh Valentine’s Day skin

New skins and cosmetics are almost often added to Fortnite updates, but we rarely know what they will be. Also, We know that the v23.40 release will bring a new Valentine’s Day skin called Folly to the shop. A pickaxe, a wrap, and back bling are anticipated to be included in the set.

More challenges each week

As with every Fortnite update, a fresh set of weekly challenges will be included in the game, giving you additional chances to level up and complete the Battle Pass for this season.

Bug fixes for Fortnite update 23.40

The 23.40 release is anticipated to provide the following bug fixes:

  • The Sparkle Specialist’s attire is not glossy and reflective.
  • The face is stretched in Sarah Connor’s Resistance Leader fashion.
  • A Save Device might reset players’ ratings and other stats in Creative Mode.
  • Despite selecting 90 FPS on mobile, some devices might have a 60 FPS limit.

This concludes our knowledge about Fortnite update 23.40. As new details are made public, we’ll update this page.

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