Creepy Glitch Discovered in Pokemon Go Gym Battle

Players of Pokemon Go are accustomed to strange bugs in the smartphone app, but a recent discovery made by a fan while competing in a Gym battle takes the cake when it comes to the creepiness.

Users of the mobile app Pokemon Go frequently run across bugs while trying to play the game. There is a seemingly endless supply of weird glitches, ranging from the wrong textures displayed on random wild encounters to bizarre character model distortions following significant updates.

There are a few of these bugs that, even though many of them can be comical and of them, have even prompted players of Pokemon Go to request that the glitches become canon species; there are a select few of these bugs that are more frightening than funny. This has resulted in various strange occurrences, such as encounters with no eyeballs, spawning that combines elements of multiple species, and Raid fights against Legendaries with shattered models.

A gamer of Pokemon Go recently came upon a particular Gym battle. The arena walls had grown sentient and were covered in a horde of free-floating eyeballs.

A gamer in Pokemon Go participates in a terrifying Gym battle

A user named Pate29 on the Pokemon Go subreddit has shared an image that they had taken during a Gym Battle that they participated in with their Salamence. The following text appears in the post: “Saw an unusual glitch today.”

To say that the walls of the Pokemon Go Gym stadium are covered in dozens of eyeballs is, at best, an understatement. Viewers can see that the walls of the stadium are alive with activity. When trying to take control of a Gym, many people want to avoid running into a problem like this since they need to know where the eyes came from. However, this is something other than a glitch that anyone wants to run into.

Fans of Pokemon Go have expressed their unease over the problem in the game’s comments section. One user stated, “Interesting,” if you mean nightmarish. Then a third person chimed in, “This is cursed.”

The good news is that problems of this nature typically disappear once the fight is over or when the mobile application is restarted. Even while the glitch will only last for a short time, anyone who comes across it will likely be equally as unnerved by the flashing stadium walls, providing a genuinely unpleasant experience when engaging in combat.

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