Dr. Disrespect Declares Apex Legends The “Most Difficult” Shooter Yet

In light of the fact that he is contemplating a comeback to the immensely popular battle royale, Dr. Disrespect has stated that Apex Legends is the “most difficult” shooter he has ever experienced. Over the course of the past few years, the market for first-person shooters and battle royale games has continued to expand, and Dr. Disrespect has played just about every game that is now available.

Before he switched to PUBG and Warzone, The Two-Time, known for his work as a map designer for Call of Duty, dominated the H1Z1 competitive scene. In each of these, in spite of some difficulties that he encountered along the road, he eventually made it to the peak of the mountain and established himself as one of the players who are the most difficult to defeat.

When it comes to Apex Legends, The Doc has repeatedly toyed with the idea of playing the game according to Respawn’s interpretation of the battle royale genre. In the beginning, he wasn’t particularly impressed, but as of late, he’s been putting in the effort and has even reached the Masters level.

Apex Legends Dominated by Extremely Skilled Gamers

Two-Time’s fans are encouraging him to return to the Apex Games, as he has been expressing dissatisfaction with Warzone 2 and even hinted at playing Valorant instead.

He discussed it during his stream on January 16, and also gave Apex a significant compliment during the stream. At first, Doc agreed with ZLaner’s assessment that Apex is a “very good” game, and he responded by saying, “It is.”

“I feel obligated to point you that the Two-Time back-to-back 93/94 Blockbuster video game champion has never encountered a more challenging first-person shooter than that one. Let’s just say that the players who participate in that game are extremely good,” he continued.

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In response to ZLaner’s assertion that the two of them could “easily” advance to the Predator tier in Apex, The Doc’s expression changed to one of excitement as a broad smile spread across his face.

There are a lot of people who would like to see him get back on it, and there is a target for him to work toward, so who knows? Maybe we’ll get to watch the Two-Time climb back up the Apex rankings before too long.

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