Controversial Shockwave Hammer in Fortnite Causes Another Game-Breaking Bug

After already being briefly taken out of play once due to a flaw that broke the game, the contentious Shockwave Hammer in Fortnite encountered yet another bug that did the same thing.

The Shockwave Hammer was introduced in Fortnite Chapter 4, and it was able to be employed as a means by which the player could push themselves across the map or send an opponent flying out into the distance. The players of the community were eager to get their hands on the multipurpose weapon, but Epic had to temporarily disable the hammer’s use in the game because of a malfunction that caused it to bounce indefinitely.

The choice to limit the number of Shockwave Hammer bounce charges from four to three when the ability was brought back was met with a range of reactions from gamers. One of the players still attempted to utilize the weapon, despite it having received a minor nerf, in the hopes of securing a victory in the final circle; nevertheless, the plan spectacularly backfired.

Shockwave Hammer Prevents a Player From Winning in Fortnite

A video of a Fortnite player using the Shockwave Hammer in an effort to get the game-winning kill was uploaded to Reddit by one of the game’s players. Instead, the hammer caused the user to be sent flying straight backward and out of the last circle, which resulted in a heartbreaking defeat.

The stunned Fortnite gamer couldn’t believe what had just occurred and quipped that they must have overclocked their hammer.

One player answered, “Due to an issue, we have temporarily deactivated the shockwave hammer,” which caused other players to express their concern about the weapon being removed again. Other members of the community responded very differently, expressing joy at the prospect of the Shockwave Hammer being taken out of circulation. “Yay, if this happens more regularly, I might get an extra day or two off from using the hammer.”

A third player decided to put on their detective hat and asserted, “This isn’t a bug; you just launched that stuff on top of the roof and flew away on it.” Regardless of whether or not the video clip in question represents a bug, it is abundantly evident that users of Fortnite are still unable to reach a consensus over the inclusion of the weapon in the battle royale.

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