Dr Disrespect Criticizes Warzone 2’s Self-Revive Function

The self-revive function in the well-known battle royale game Warzone has recently come under fire from Dr Disrespect, a well-known streaming personality. The Two-Time recently complained about the audio and in-game feed in a stream, calling the mechanic “dumb” and “boring.”

The long-awaited release of Warzone 2 has given the Call of Duty battle royale scene a fresh lease on life, with many gamers complimenting the new adjustments made by the creators.

However, Dr. Disrespect has, as usual, had a love-hate relationship with it. The Two-Time initially complimented the battle royale and said it had “amazing” potential, but has since changed his mind and demanded that the creators make significant adjustments.

The Doc has been returning to Al Mazrah despite several threats to leave the game in an effort to win matches and dump nukes with his combo ZLaner. He has a serious problem with the game’s self-revive system, though.

Dr. Disrespect is Upset at Warzone 2’s Self-revives

Players had the choice to buy one self-revive for themselves in the original Warzone. You can now stack a number of them in your backpack and use them sequentially.

This started to bother The Doc during a recent session when he believed he had eliminated a team only for one of them to stand up and send him back to the main menu. “I believed I had taken him out. It’s just so f*cking ridiculous, there are too many stupid ass self-revives, I get confused,” he snarled.

The Two-Time concentrated on the self-revives, but also cited the audio and in-game feed as additional issues. I don’t want people to self-revive next to me while I’m not listening to them since it would be boring.

Timestamp of 16:39

He went on to say that the mechanic was only one of several “cheesy” and “dumb” elements that were currently present in the battle royale.

It is unclear whether Warzone’s creators will respond to Dr Disrespect’s comments, but it is obvious that the self-revive function has become a source of irritation for the streaming celebrity. If the mechanic is still viewed negatively by the majority of players, the designers might think about changing it in the future.

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