Disappointed LoL Players: The Unveiling of The Brink of Infinity 2023 Opening Cinematic

Players are already more critical of the brand-new League of Legends season 2023 opening cinematic than they were of the previous one, which was released a year ago.

New League of Legends players frequently like the beginning of a new season because they can start a new climb to Diamond, take in the preseason improvements, and resume playing on the Rift with their friends.

The debut of a brand-new League cinematic is another factor making the beginning of the new season so thrilling. Previous versions of the game have dazzled fans and captured the attention of non-League players with their stories and animation, frequently depicting some of the game’s legendary characters engaged in combat to some spectacular music.

Players Mock the League Season 13 Cinematic

On January 10, 2023, the League of Legends cinematic for 2023 was unveiled to mark the beginning of Season 13. Many Riot fans were eager to see what they had created when they woke up, but the majority were let down.

In contrast to previous years, this movie gives players a low-level tour of the Summoner’s Rift map rather than including any game champions. Players were disappointed despite the cinematic’s outstanding attention to detail and the voiceovers of legendary League esports moments playing in the background. 

League players vented their annoyance with the movie in a Reddit thread. Many people questioned whether the seeming lack of effort might be a sign that Riot is losing interest in the game.

Is this actually the year’s cinematic? A voiceover only? Is that it? “, one commenter indignantly questioned. The worst cinematic since the game’s 2009 release, according to players, and “not even on the verge of being decent,” were among the remarks that were made.

In fact, the poster claims that this new cinematic has already received more dislikes on YouTube than the last cinematic, The Call, which was released in 2022. As the main post illustrates, the video has already racked up a flood of negative comments in the hours since it was uploaded. However, YouTube no longer displays dislikes in its native interface, so this could not be correct.

Riot’s Explanation for Season 2023 Cinematic Outcry

Riot has posted a lengthy Twitter thread apologizing for the cinematic, indicating that they have noticed the popular reaction to Brink of Infinity.

Unusual circumstances forced us to select a different approach for the Season 2023 video, according to the thread. However, we thought it could still celebrate the beginning of a new season while capturing League’s expansive universe and competitive spirit.

Whether or not the situation is unprecedented, League players are obviously not pleased with the most recent cinematic or even having to hold off till the following one for another year.

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