FIFA Pro RocKy Swatted After a Warning from Twitch Viewer

French FIFA professional Coretnin “RocKy” Chevrey said someone falsely reported him. Resulting in swatting him and his family in the early hours of January 11. He said the accuser was unknown.

Over the last few years, content makers and esports players have been swatted while playing games live online. Trolls and hoaxers phone the police to break into streamers’ houses and put them in danger. Due to this, numerous presenters have spoken with SWAT personnel live and on camera.

Sometimes the SWAT squad can operate without their moving. FIFA pro RocKy revealed in the early morning hours of January 11 that he had been assaulted after his Twitch stream concluded.

French FIFA Player RocKy Swatted Early on The 11th of January

The FIFA player, who competes for Team Vitality in his native country, revealed that he was swatted on January 11 at approximately 4:30 in the morning. The accident took place in his home country.

Chevrey recalled that when someone pretended to be him and called to report that he had slashed the throat of his girlfriend. He was armed and prepared to shoot everyone, “ten people did show up at my place with shields and assault rifles.”

In addition, a member of Team Vitality mentioned that someone had broken into his father’s house. While he was away his door had been smashed since his father had not answered the door. He told the offender’s kid, who was the son of a whore and who was responsible for this offense, “I pray they don’t find you because you’re going to pay big.”

The swatting was described as “horrendous” and “shocking” by both fans and players. After that, the FIFA star received a lot of sympathy and support from both groups of people.

Astute viewers picked up on the fact that one of the people participating in his conversation seems to have predicted. Like before the event in question took place, that he was going to get swatted.

It is against the law in the United States to incite a swatting. Any individuals who do so run the danger of being held liable for compensating both the victim of the raid and the authorities for any damages they may have caused. There are a few different legal systems in place across Europe.

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