Diablo 4 Open Beta Plans to be Revealed Soon by Blizzard – What We Know So Far

The highly anticipated ARPG Diablo 4’s open beta plans may soon be made public by Blizzard. After more than 11 years since the release of Diablo 3, Diablo 4 won’t be here for another four months. However, Blizzard showed kindness by allowing fans of the Diablo franchise to play the new game before its June release. This Diablo 4 public beta’s scope and release date are currently unknown, but that may soon change.

Blizzard has already indicated the idea of a public beta, though no specifics have been disclosed. Blizzard acknowledged that the public testing phase for Diablo 4 was tentatively scheduled. Also, for early 2023 during the game’s closed beta testing. However, since Blizzard decided on the release timeframe for Diablo 4, any plans the firm may have had in 2022 may have changed. Its testing requirements today can be very different from those back then.

Diablo 4 Open Beta Announcement Imminent: Hints and Speculations

However, Rod Fergusson, Diablo’s general manager, has hinted that a more formal announcement of Blizzard’s testing may be forthcoming shortly. Fergusson received a message from a Twitter user asking if he could comment on a hypothetical Diablo 4 open beta. Fergusson says, “Soon,” but he cannot provide further details. He then mockingly wonders whether there is any “gaming scene” planned for the month when such an announcement might be made.

Given Fergusson’s lack of nuance, it is evident that Blizzard intends to reveal information about Diablo 4’s open beta plans during a gathering in February. Therefore, it is not a coincidence that IGN announced this past week that Diablo 4 would be a part of the 2023 IGN Fan Fest. The event will take place on February 18 and 17, including first glimpses at several upcoming blockbuster titles. Because of this, it is the ideal choice for the launch of the open beta for Diablo 4.

It’s possible that Fergusson was referring to a different event in February or shortly after that. There are reports that a PlayStation Showcase will take place in February; this would be an appropriate venue for announcing Diablo 4. However, it appears less plausible than the IGN event, given that no PlayStation event has been planned.

With Diablo 4 coming out on June 6 and the IGN event in late February, there is a three-month window between March and May where the open beta may occur. Blizzard previously stated that available testing would begin in early 2023. Diablo fans will be able to play Diablo 4 by March or at least in the first half of 2023.

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