HusKerrs Criticizes Warzone 2 Leadership for Being Out of Touch with Dedicated Players

Jordan ‘HusKerrs’ Thomas is a legend in battle royale who has deep roots in the Call of Duty community, and he has taken a swipe at the leadership of Warzone 2 for being “out of touch.” Whenever HusKerrs has participated in a fight to the death, he has shown to be a formidable opponent. The former H1Z1 professional also dominated the Warzone scene when it was initially introduced in 2021. He has continued to be active in the game through its evolution into Warzone 2.

Because he was the first player to exceed $100,000 in revenue from WZ back in the day, players still look forward to his name in the sequel. His name still commands respect. However, he clearly expressed his dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs on March 3rd by venting his feelings about the direction the game has taken in a tweet.

Concerns over Warzone 2 prompted HusKerrs to address the leadership of Call of Duty

When asked about the decisions made by the game’s developers, Thomas didn’t hold back one bit, and he pointed out in particular that there was a lack of connection between the higher-ups and the most dedicated players of their game.

With his twenty years of gaming experience, he remarked that Warzone 2 was the most uneven and repetitive game from a significant AAA developer he had ever played. “I have never encountered a studio leadership team so disconnected from the product and the community. What a damned shame that is”

He continued while responding to other fans, and he acknowledged that the PC version of Warzone has a variety of issues that are not present in the console versions of the game. “That’s a whole other set of problems that I won’t even bother going into, but yeah, you are right in that the game is even worse for MnK gamers,” the speaker said. “I won’t even bother going into that.”

Even after implementing the significant gameplay adjustments introduced in Season 2, numerous prominent streamers have voiced their agreement that Warzone 2 has yet to live up to the standard established by the first game. HusKerrs is one of many streamers to hold this opinion.

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