Destiny 2 Lightfall Update Brings Major Changes to Meta and Weapon Archetypes

With significant bonuses to LMGs, significant nerfs to heavy hitters like Linear Fusion Rifles, and other adjustments to existing exotic weapons, the Lightfall update for Destiny 2 will be shaking up the current meta.

The gates to Neomuna will open on February 28, 2023, and players of Destiny 2: Lightfall will be able to confront Claus and his Shadow Legion. This will mark the beginning of the game’s next significant expansion.

Bungie has stated that the meta will also change along with the tale before that, though. Bungie recently revealed that they would be changing the strength levels of some weapon archetypes to mix things up a bit.

Update Brings Changes to Weapon Archetypes and Exotics

Bungie is changing Linear Fusion Rifles, Machine Guns, and Heavy Grenade Launchers, especially for the release of Lightfall. According to their current power level and meta presence, they will be buffing and nerfing. In addition, they are modifying several unique weaponry in the days leading up to Lightfall so they can utilize Light 3.0 more effectively.

There will be a 15% damage reduction for Linear Fusion Rifles versus all champions, bosses, minibosses, and vehicles. Linear Fusions have been the standard DPS weapon for a while, with weapons like Cataclysm and Stormchaser wreaking havoc on large health bars.

As Bungie improves several weapon features, heavy grenade launchers are expected to become the next DPS king. Heavy Grenade Launchers in Lightfall deal 40% more damage to lesser foes while dealing 20% more damage to bosses, minibosses, champions, and vehicles. Additionally, they will receive enhanced projectile collision, which makes it simpler for all bullets to connect and leads to a more stable DPS phase.

Kinetic Weapons will also see a slight improvement in Lightfall, as its unique and primary weapon variations’ damage multipliers will increase. To compete with the other damage kinds, Bungie has also revealed that a new Kinetic damage bonus will be released alongside Lightfall.

Lastly, Bungie wants to tweak exotics by giving them more oomph. This takes modifying or adding several exotics to make them more compatible with Light 3.0. This entails changing the exotics intrinsic kits with many Light 3.0 keywords. When Light eventually falls in Season 20, we might see some familiar faces return because they can significantly impact the weapon’s viability.

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