Unfortunate Player Learns the Hard Way: Wrecking Ball Can be Used to Fire Teammates in Overwatch 2

A very unlucky player learned that Wrecking Ball could be used to fire a teammate after a particularly absurd interaction between it and Doomfist’s charged-up Rocket Punch. With receiving his Season 3 enhancements, Wrecking Ball has made a significant comeback in the Overwatch 2 meta. Good Ball players terrorize the backline and make it appear simple as the previously low-tier hero weasels his way to the top of the tank meta.

The main reasons why Wrecking Ball is so powerful are his quick movements and capacity to break up fights by pushing opponents aside, yet it takes more speed than it seems to deal damage and make opponents aside. In particular for younger ball players. But, a miserable Doomfist player discovered that there are multiple strategies for giving Wrecking Ball the boost it needs to rip through combat.

A player in Overwatch 2 pinballs Wrecking Ball directly into his team

To do damage to other players, Wrecking Ball must use his grappling hook to build up enough momentum and collide with them.

A Doomfist player discovered the very unfortunate discovery that his charged Rocket Punch has enough strength to force Wrecking Ball to enter its augmented state, which significantly increases the character’s mobility. This is one of the only ways to teamkill in Overwatch 2; one punch sent a Ball careening toward a Reaper player, who couldn’t have seen it coming.

Although this is not technically friendly fire because the Ball killed Reaper, it is as close to friendly fire as Overwatch 2 would allow you to get. However, when Ball bumps into other people, there are different ways to accidentally friendly fire. In Overwatch 2, few knockbacks are strong enough to surpass the minimum movement speed necessary to deal damage. However, Pharah’s knockback is capable of doing so.

On paper, Doomfist is one of Wrecking Ball’s counters and has the ability to remove him from the backline. If a teammate is unlucky enough to be in the wrong position at the wrong time during practice, things might not go so smoothly.

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