Destiny 2 Visual Bug Transforms Skybox into a Laser Light Show

On Europa, one Destiny 2 player runs into a bizarre visual bug that gives the skybox a light show-like appearance and feels. Despite the anticipation for the upcoming Lightfall update, the current Season of the Seraph contains several issues and glitches that are frustrating players, fully demonstrating how old Destiny 2 is. Some of these problems have only been small, like

However, this season has also witnessed an increase in serious issues, such as content like titles and victories that completely vanished after an update. Some members of the Destiny 2 community even totally lost their characters, while others saw an increase in server and connection issues. The flaws have even prompted Bungie to shut down the game to fix them and roll back content. Even though it’s never a good idea for an online-only game, Bungie is unlikely to follow suit as a result of the most recent problem.

Destiny 2 Player Experiences Bizarre Visual Bug on Europa

Crimson Rose 2065, a member who posts on the Destiny 2 subReddit, discovered a new visual bug. In the brief video, the Vex on Jupiter’s frigid moon Europa fight the player, but a strange malfunction makes their task more challenging.

Colorful lasers can be seen firing into the sky in the level’s background, almost as if a concert had taken place. The lights appear to come on and off randomly, occasionally becoming even more oppressive and filling the entire screen, making it extremely difficult to play.

Naturally, the clip sparked a ton of gifs and comments about going to raves, and some even made fun of the fact that Crimson Rose 2065 got to play Lightfall before its February release date. Others needed to find out if this was a problem in the game or perhaps a sign that the user’s GPU was about to fail. Even the usual occurrence of Hunters’ cloaks expanding into impossible angles while running was linked to the incident.

The Lightfall expansion is bringing about Destiny 2’s most significant shift to date. Players of Destiny 2 will finally have a dedicated loadout system, adjustments to how players deal with champion foes, and access to the second Darkness class named Strand, as well as a new location on Neptune, among many other significant quality of life improvements.

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