Destiny 2 Lightfall Expansion Reveals New Mod Customization and Loadout Systems

The 2023 expansion for Destiny 2, Lightfall, has given players an early peek at the Mod Customization and Loadout systems for gaming.

Destiny 2 has significantly made it easier for players to engage in build creation based on their sub-class, weapons, modifications, and exotics since the release of Stasis and Light 3.0.

Bungie is leaning in the direction of offering players with the freedom and opportunity to design their Guardian in whichever way they would like by making recent updates that provide all players every mod and removing energy types from mods. They recently implemented these changes.

Simplified Mod Customization and Convenient Loadout Systems

Bungie has just made available more fresh details about the appearance of the mod customization and loadout systems when they are introduced with Lightfall on February 28, 2023.

It would appear like Bungie will eventually make it possible for players to obtain mods for all of their equipment on a single interface. This version of the mod customization interface is far simpler to use than the one that is currently available, which requires players to browse through a number of different windows in order to make changes to their modules.

While customizing mods in the panel, players will have the ability to adjust the perks attached to their weapons and will be able to determine if they currently have champion modules in their inventory.

In a similar fashion, Bungie has demonstrated a menu for the brand-new loadout system that will be included in Lightfall as well. This method intends to encourage build building by relieving players of the burden of manually equipping modifications every time they switch builds. This should make it easier for players to experiment with different builds.

It appears that players will be able to have up to ten loadout slots, and they will be able to distinguish whatever loadout they presently have access to them by using distinctive images and titles for each of those loadouts. In addition to this, the loadout system provides a concise glimpse of what the loadout actually consists of, including any mods, armor, weaponry, and exotic equipment it may contain.

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